debase [dē bās′, dibās′]
debased, debasing [ DE- + base, aphetic < ABASE]
to make lower in value, quality, character, dignity, etc.; cheapen
SYN.- DEBASE implies generally a lowering in quality, value, dignity, etc. [greed had debased his character ]; DEPRAVE suggests gross degeneration, esp. with reference to morals [a mind depraved by crime ]; CORRUPT implies a deterioration or loss of soundness by some destructive or contaminating influence [a government corrupted by bribery ]; DEBAUCH implies a loss of moral purity or integrity as through dissipation or intemperate indulgence [debauched young profligates ]; PERVERT suggests a distorting of or departure from what is considered right, natural, or true [a perverted sense of humor ] -ANT. ELEVATE, IMPROVE

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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